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Bar Fridge

We Freeze Edge have several types of Bar Fridge. We deliver Bar fridge to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and whole of the Australia. We are the leader in hospitality equipment Australia. Bar fridges are a multi-purpose appliance that can store a wide range of beverages, garnishes, and snacks.

A bar fridge is an excellent addition to any house, whether you’re entertaining guests, binge-watching your favorite show, or making cocktails. It functions similarly to larger fridges, but on a more compact scale. In addition to small kitchens, bar refrigerators are excellent for studio apartments, offices, holiday homes, granny flats, college dorms, and even mobile homes.

Glass Bar Fridge

The glass door bar fridges are made with high-quality parts as well as compressors to keep your beer cold in places like bars, restaurants, and more. Glass bar fridge can also be used at home. Its cooler is designed to cool the beer quickly in its internal chamber with a fan cooling system and quick pull-down system.

It would be prudent to do so even in temperatures as high as 43 C. This fridge’s built-in LED light provides the greatest possible illumination for your beverages. It has a Glass froster with an internal temperature of –12 °C (-10.4 °F). The product’s height can be adjusted to 90, 87, or even 84 cm to fit a wide range of counter applications.

Outdoor Bar Fridge

An outdoor bar in your backyard gives you the option to host a wonderful summer party more efficiently, whether it’s a custom-built product or one purchased off the shelf. Many factors must be taken into account while designing an outdoor bar. LED lighting illuminates the fridge’s contents perfectly because of the UV-safe stainless steel finish. With a net volume of 307 litres, hundreds of bottles of refreshing beverages can be stored.

The 0–10°C temperature range may be easily controlled with the digital touch controls. To maximize the efficiency of outdoor bar fridges, it is important to put them in a well-ventilated area. The capacity of outdoor bar fridges ranges from 3.3 to 4.4 cu. ft.

Mini Bar Fridge

Minibars are the tiny refrigerators in hotel rooms and cruise ship staterooms. You can usually find alcoholic beverages, juices, bottled water, and soft drinks in the minibar. The typical capacity of a mini-fridge is 100 litres. A minibar is typically smaller (up to 25 liters) and often doesn’t surpass 100 liters.

A few basic features of a minibar fridge, such as automatic cooling and electricity saving. If you’re going to buy a mini-fridge for a hotel room, you should consider the room’s dimensions. There are also options for larger spaces, including mini-fridges with two wings and capacities less than 150L.

2 Door Far Fridge

2 door bar fridges with two doors are simple to use and have a flawless finish. They are constructed from stainless steel and both inside and out. Because of this, they can tolerate stains, corrosion, and smells. You can keep a constant supply of your favourite beverages by utilizing LED lights with separate switches and clear glass doors.

In addition, the controller keeps the temperature between 33 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit constant. It has a defrost automatic feature. It has a storage capacity of 17.3 cu. ft, which is enough space for storing bulkier things like beer and cider for your bar service.

3 Door Bar Fridge

These 3 door bar refrigerators have three shelves and a three-door design. Its body is constructed entirely of stainless steel. It draws a maximum of 350 watts of power as an electrical device. Its dimensions are 1795*600*860 w*d*h (in millimetres). In a 3-door bar fridge, the temperature range is between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.

It also features LED lighting and six adjustable shelves. This commercial model is perfect for giving your outdoor entertaining or alfresco spaces a touch of style.

Double Door Bar Fridge

There are two doors, one of which serves as the main entrance and the other one serves as the freezer door. So that you don’t have to open the main door to go to the freezer. The double door fridges store and cool alcoholic beverages in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Double door units also benefit from being mounted.

They can open past one another, without obstructing crowded bar areas. Its interior LED lighting displays all goods, making it simple to locate and sell the correct beverage.

Integrated Bar Fridge

An integrated bar fridge makes it possible to design a seamless kitchen. The resulting aesthetic allows you to host guests or prepare meals for your family against a beautiful backdrop. These bar fridge features make life easier, including SoftSystem door mechanism, automatic defrosting, and integrated door alarm.

By having these capabilities, you can relax and spend more time with your loved ones, rather than worrying about the security of your home. Because of their compact design, integrated fridges are a major space saver. With the 141L integrated fridge, you get a sophisticated solution for refrigeration that blends a modest design, clever features, and premium materials.