How to Clean Commercial Ice Maker – Clean Inside & Outside

You can clean Commercial Ice Maker by following these methods. I have shared household ways to clean the Ice Maker. You can clean both Interior and Exterior of the Ice Maker.

When it comes to a variety of commercial situations, ice makers play an essential role. Whether you serve iced tea, pop, or cocktails, you’ll need ice to keep your establishment cool. Crystal clear ice and cold beverages are the only things we love in the world. A commercial ice machine is an essential piece of equipment in every food service establishment because of this. That’s why it’s so important to clean commercial ice maker regularly.

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Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of simple instructions to clean commercial ice maker.


Equipment Required to Clean Commercial Ice Maker 

  • Rubber gloves and safety glasses
  • Synthetic scrub sponge
  • Cleaner and dirt treatment
  • Detergent for vacuums
  • Brush with a tough handle
  • Clean cloth

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How to Clean Commercial Ice Maker?

The maintenance requirements of ice machines are not always the same, but the general process remains the same. We’ve put up a list of simple procedures for cleaning an ice maker’s interior and exterior. It will also lower the energy consumption of your commercial kitchen if you perform regular maintenance on your ice.

Every week, your ice machine should be cleaned inside and out to remove the water scale, which may cause the machine to malfunction. According to industry norms, ice makers must be clean and sanitized the ice maker every 6 months. So, to get things started, here we go!

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Interior Surface

  1. Each machine is unique. So, find out how to clean and turn on your ice machine in the manual.
  2. Open commercial ice maker.
  3. Please make sure that the Ice Machine has been turned off, and then clean the Evaporator Grid. If the evaporator is covered with ice, some models may require you to hit the manual harvest button.
  4. Turn on the ice machine’s “clean mode” setting.
  5. As the bowl fills with water, add an ice machine cleaner in. Ice machine brands and models differ in the amount of cleaning that is needed.
  6. Allow the machine to complete a clean cycle.
  7. When the cleaning cycle is finished, switch the machine from CLEAN to OFF mode.
  8. The water curtain, water bowl, and water supply tube should be cleaned with a light detergent after they have been removed from the unit.
  9. The most common solution is 1 gallon of water to 250ml of cleanser. To clean all of the removed components, use half of the solution.
  10. If any of the internal components are damaged, you should replace them.
  11. Turn the ice machine back on after that.

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Exterior surface

  1. Exterior surfaces should be wiped clean to clear loose debris and soil.
  2. Use a mild cleanser on the exterior surface of the ice maker.
  3. A moist sponge can be used to remove dirt.
  4. Use fresh water to wash dirt.
  5. Dry with a clean cloth before using a sanitizing solution.
  6. Leave it to dry out.

Water Filter Installation/Replacement

  1. Switch the ice maker’s power off.
  2. To ensure that your ice is of excellent caliber, you must clean the water used in the commercial ice maker.
  3. Be sure your filter contains a scale inhibitor to prevent scale buildup.
  4. Ice maker’s water filter must be replaced every 6 months or 12 months.
  5. Now restart the commercial ice maker.

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By performing basic maintenance on the ice machine, you can minimize client dissatisfaction and costly repairs. The sanitization and cleaning of your ice maker will increase its efficiency, reduce energy expenditure, and generate safe, clean, and usable ice. Regular maintenance of your commercial ice maker will keep the ice clean and look prominent. Additionally, it will protect both your business and your customers’ investments. Keep the methods outlined above in mind when you clean commercial ice maker and change your filters.