How to Fix a Dent in Stainless Steel Fridge

You can fix a dent in Stainless Steel fridge by following several things. I will share household items to fix any type of dent or damage to the outer body of the fridge. You can even fix minor or major dents of the fridge.

The fridge, one of the prime appliances of any household, has made our lives more convenient with each advanced technology in maintaining fresh and chilled food products. Moreover, a glossy and stylish appearance of a fridge enhances the overall beauty of your kitchen or household.

However, when some scratches or dents occur on the fridge, it significantly reduces the fascinating appearance of the overall fridge, which is quite annoying. This generally happens with the commercial fridge in the hospitality industry such as commercial Freezer, Cake Display Fridge, Salad Bar Fridge, etc. Here, we are going to discuss the ways to fix a dent in Stainless Steel Fridge for all type of hospitality equipment.


Materials Required to Fix a Dent in Stainless Steel Fridge

Before heading into the methods, let us first arrange the materials needed to fix a dent in Stainless Steel Fridge. There are several methods to do so. These include:

  • Dry ice
  • Gloves to handle dry ice
  • A hairdryer to blow hot air
  • Canned air duster to blow cold condensed air
  • Suction cup dent puller
  • Plunger method
  • Hot Glue and Dent tool method

You can solve this issue using these easy DIYs ways. If nothing works as per your satisfaction, you can consult a “Dent master” for the required task.

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How to Fix a Dent in Stainless Steel Fridge

To fix a dent in Stainless Steel Fridge like Under Bench Fridge in your kitchen, we will be discussing the three most easy and convent ways for it. These DIYs can be carried out by yourself with your surrounding materials for a better result of the required task. These methods include blowing hot air or cold condensed air.

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To do so by blowing hot air or cold condensed air, you need dry ice, gloves, a hairdryer, and a can of air duster. This has been classified into three steps which are listed below:

Using Dry Ice

Since dry ice is very much cold, so it can help to contract the metal when coming in contact with the metal surface. Henceforth, the metal surface will regain its un-dented form. Here, you need to put the dry ice at the dented center for a while using the gloves. Try to cover the dry ice with a soft cloth in order to prevent scratches on the fridge due to it. Never touch dry ice bare-handed, as it can burn your hands severely.

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Using a Hairdryer to Blow Hot Air

Use the hairdryer to blow the hot air directly on the dented surface to provide sufficient heat to expand the metal surface. Leave it for a while to let it cool, and you will find that the metal surface will contract and fix the dent in the fridge. Make sure that you do not overheat the metal surface otherwise, the paint would come out of the fridge surface.

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Using Canned Air Duster to Blow Cold Condensed Air

A can of air dust blow out cold condensed air, which is very cold. When the air is blown out with the can being upside down, it initiates cold condensation to blow out the metal surface. Henceforth the metal gets contracted, and thus, your problem is fixed. While using the air dust can, have proper precautions and keep your hand away from it as it can severely burn your hands.

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How to Fix a Dent in Stainless Steel Fridge using Suctioning Tools

Some dents which occur on appliances such as commercial meat marinator or commercial dishwasher are so nasty that you need to use suctioning tools to fix them. To do so using suctioning tools, you need a suction cup dent puller for it. Get the suction cup dent puller of the appropriate size as per your dent. Get the dented area washed or wet for proper suction. Now, place the suction cup at the dented area and press it, ensuring a tight seal. Once you get perfect suction, pull back the suction puller with force to fix the dent and get to the original shape.

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It feels quite upsetting when you are hustling in your kitchen and accidentally you hit something on your fridge say Bench Top fridge or Bench Top Freezer and a dent occurs on it. You need not be worry anymore if a dent occurs on your fridge, as you now very well know how to deal with it. you can follow the instructions discussed here and fix the dents on your fridge. Protecting your fridge from dents isn’t troublesome for sure. You can easily retain and maintain the glossy and stylish appearance of your fridge.