How to Fix a Fridge That is Not Cooling – Top 8 Ways

You can fix a fridge that is not cooling. I will share several ways to increase the cooling of your fridge. Your fridge cooling will instantly increase by following these ways.

A fridge, one of the prime appliances in any household, has made our lives much more convenient to maintain fresh and chilled food products. Although it may become less efficient than before gradually with time, sometimes some issues in the fridge also lead to resist its functioning. Here, we are going to discuss the reasons behind its being less efficient. We will also deal with the ways to fix a fridge that is not cooling.


How to Fix a Fridge that is Not Cooling

It feels troublesome when your fridge is not able to maintain its cooling. You find that your refrigerated food products are not chilled enough, and the food stored in it gets deteriorated soon. Moreover, there are some cases when you will find the inside of it cool. It significantly means that your fridge is trying to cool, but some issues are trying to restrict its efficiency.

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To fix a fridge that is not cooling, you need to first go through the possible reasons behind the malfunctioning of your fridge and then follow their subsequent methods to fix a fridge that is not cooling.

Compact Fridge with Many Food Products

If you have stacked too many food products in your fridge, then it won’t be able to maintain a uniformly cold temperature throughout the fridge, as there is no space for airflow. So, organize your stuff properly in your fridge, leaving areas for the air to flow. This generally happens in the case of commercial purposes like commercial Fridge, Commercial Freezer, etc.

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Damaged Condenser Coil or Evaporator Coil

Defrost helps keep minimum ice level in the freezer and fridge compartment, say Bench Top Freezer. However, sometimes frost surrounds the crucial parts of the fridge, such as the fans that help in circulating cold air inside the fridge and evaporator coil, which bring issues in the functioning of the overall fridge.

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In some cases, the condenser coil or evaporator coil holds a lot of dust, or their fans might get broken. So, check your defrost or frost-free function to prevent the fridge from warming. Also, check and clean the coils for ensuring proper functioning.

Leakage of Refrigerant

Refrigerant is responsible for generating cold airflow, which maintains the optimum cold temperature inside the fridge. There is a possible cause in the malfunctioning of a fridge which is the leakage of the refrigerant.

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Inappropriate Fridge Temperature

Sometimes, your fridge temperature has been set up inaccurately, which could lead to some issues in the functioning of the overall fridge. Make sure to set the standard fridge temperature as given in the manual book for its efficient performance.

The Issue in Closing the Door

You might have noticed some problems while closing the door of the fridge say Bench Top Fridge. If its door doesn’t get closed properly, the cold airflow inside the fridge will come out, and your fridge won’t feel cold from inside. It will further put stress on the fridge compressor. That’s why ensure proper closing of the fridge door.

Broken Air Inlet Damper

Air inlet damper controls the cold airflow between the freezer and the compartment of storing fresh food. If the air inlet damper gets damaged by breaking or frosting, it causes malfunctioning of the fridge and subsequently does not maintain the cold air inside it.

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Other issues

If you still face issues with your fridge despite considering the above ways to fix a fridge that is not cooling, then it is time to consult a technician who can professionally fix your problem and enhance your fridge efficiency.

How to Fix a Mini Fridge That Won’t Get Cold

Mini-Fridge is admired by many Australians as these are energy-efficient and are a better alternative to the big and high power-consumption fridges available in the market. Heading into the problems which occur in mini-fridge that won’t get cold are mainly leakage of refrigerant, inappropriate fridge temperature, issue in closing the door, stacking too much foodstuff inside the fridge and frosting of some essential parts of the fridge such as condenser coil, or evaporator coil.

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Look at the above procedure discussed to fix these issues, and you will be successfully able to fix the mini-fridge that won’t get cold. If the problem further exists, call the technician who can dig deeper into the issue and get it resolved.


Electrical appliances say Fridge gradually register issue and malfunctioning with time. In this article, we have highlighted the probable causes of the inefficiency of fridges along with easy ways to fix a fridge that is not cooling. We have seen that household fridges are given a little bit more care and maintenance than appliances used for commercial purposes like a Cake Display Fridge, Salad Bar Fridge, Commercial Dishwasher, Commercial Meat Marinator, etc.

We need to devote time to clean and maintain the electrical appliances for better functioning and ensuring the long life of these appliances.