How to Transport a Fridge – Can you Lay a Fridge Down?

I will guide you through all the steps to transport a fridge from one location to another safely. Also, read the guide about you can lay a fridge down or not, when you should turn off the fridge and many more tips.

Moving from one place to another is very exciting but moving your belonging makes us crazy. We need to make sure that everything is packed well and safely transported. We all have different types of objects to move. But fridge is the most common thing that we shift from one place to another. And it has several myths like how to transport a fridge, lay a fridge down for transport, etc.


How to Transport a Fridge – Can you Lay a Fridge Down?

Make sure you follow all these steps one by one. If you have any other tips of yours, then do add them to this list. If you follow all, I am sure your shifting will be best, and you will be easily able to transport any type of commercial fridge from one to another city/location.

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Empty the Fridge

The first to do is empty your fridge. Make sure you remove all the food items from your fridge. Don’t keep anything in your fridge while shifting as it can open and spread all inside the fridge. It can lead to damage to the cooling system and other internal parts of the fridge.

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Remove Tray or any Accessories from Fridge

If any accessories can be removed, then remove them. Remove all the trays from inside the fridge. Also, remove tray attached on side door of fridge. And not to forget anything you have placed on your fridge to remove. These trays inside the fridge can sometimes cause noise and can be damaged in the worst case while transporting. The movement of the vehicle and vibration makes the tray and any removable attachment in fridge vibrate.

How Long to Turn Off Fridge Before Moving

This is one of the most important steps. Make sure you turn off your fridge and let it defrost. It will be better if you give your fridge at least 2 hours to defrost. The fridge will stop the cycle of cooling and if there is any ice in the freezer then it will melt. So this will keep your fridge and freezer safe, and there will be no water leakage while transporting the fridge. The commercial freezer will get defrost in less than two hours.

Never Shift a Fridge Alone

We think fridge is very easy as these days fridge even comes with wheel or you can just push it. But fridge are not lightweight, they are heavy and very heavy. So they can even hurt you if they fall. So make sure there are a minimum of two people while transporting a fridge or even moving a fridge from one position to another.

How to Transport a Refrigerator on a Trailer

The standard way to transport a fridge is in standing. It is not only easy to transport, it also takes less space. A fridge in lay down position takes a lot of space while transporting. It also damages the fridge’s body as vibration or any push can put a scratch on your fridge. So standing is the best way to transport as the bottom of the fridge keep it secure and scratch free.

Can you Lay a fridge Down when Moving

Avoid doing these types of things. It is not safe for you and your fridge. You both can be in trouble while doing any position change of any object while the vehicle is moving. And lay down is never a good way to transport the fridge. If you have food display fridge, Salad Bar Fridge, Cake Display Fridge with glass in the front then never lay down your fridge.


These are the best tips to transport a fridge. Make sure you follow all these guidelines and keep your shifting safe. Never be shy to take help of others while doing shifting of your fridge. And don’t lay a fridge down as it is not a good way. It take not only space but also damage fridge sides.

We at Freeze Edge always transport a fridge with complete safety measure. We use fork lift and every possible means which secure your fridge while transporting and unloading.