Upright vs Chest Freezer – Complete Comparison

I have shared detailed comparison of Upright vs Chest Freezer on Appearance, Installation, Maintenance and Optimised Energy.

Users may refer to upright freezers as stand-up freezers since they are vertical in shape. Storage rooms are created with lofty ceilings and are usually fitted with shelves for easy access.

Chest freezers are horizontally oriented and are good for storing exceptionally bulky items or commercial freezer space, although they might be more difficult to reach.

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Upright vs Chest Freezer Comparison

Following a comparison of Upright vs Chest Freezer will assist you to select which freezer you should bring your home.

  1. Appearance
  2. Installation
  3. Maintenance
  4. Optimized Energy


The term ”Upright Freezer” refers to the type of commercial freezer that is great for both storing and exhibiting goods to customers. Additionally, this is due to fact that the food is typically shown behind a glass freezer door. On the contrary, it is typically kept out of sight to eliminate any physical contact between the food and the floor, which aids in keeping the area clean.

A Chest Freezer is one of the most convenient appliances available, and it may also help you save money in the long term basis on energy bills. Chest Freezers provide numerous advantages in terms of pricing, storage capacity, and convenience to the customers. If you need to store a lot of meat, you should consider a sliding door chest freezer.

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While Upright Freezers use less floor space, it is critical that their doors can swing open in the desired direction so that they will function properly. Behind the display freezer, there should always be at least a one-foot distance of clearance. Because of this, a flush mount installation is impossible.

Because the Chest Freezer takes more space, it is vital to maintain that you will have enough storage. The installers need to ensure the topmost has enough headroom above it. When the commercial freezer is being mounted, there must be electric links as well.

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If you have an upright freezer, you can use automatic defrost mode and then clean up. When cleaning inside the refrigerator, this method saves effort and prevents headaches and backaches. If you decide to purchase whether it has automatic defrosting will not be easy.

To keep it clean, chest freezers require more effort than the upright freezer. This is mainly because of the lack of the chest freezer’s automatic defrost feature. This entails defrosting the freezers, discharging them, and then wiping the interior. It can also be painful and taxing on the body to bend over and reach further into the freezer.

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Optimized Energy

Monthly utility costs for upright freezers are approximately $14. Both of these alternatives are available in energy-efficient configurations, which further can help you to save more money. Its maximum storage capacity to preserve food frozen is for up to 1 day.

Chest freezer consumes less energy in comparison to upright freezers, which saves money on electricity expenses. The average cost of running is slightly more than $4 per month split by the number of people using them. In the event of an electricity outage in the home, chest freezers can preserve food frozen for up to 2 to3 days.

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The major distinction between the Upright vs Chest freezer is the direction in which they are mounted. Upright freezers provide us with a tall storage capacity that is often organized with racks. Adding additional freezer space to a chest freezer allows you to store large items, but the entry might be difficult.

Based upon your specific needs, including where the unit will be located, the contents it will store, and a few other things can also be determined.