What Temperature Should my Fridge Be – Complete Temperature Guide

What Temperature Should my Fridge Be? Get all your answer related to this question. I will also explain the standard temperature of the fridge required. You can keep your food fresh by adjusting the correct temperature for your fridge.

There is always confusion about the temperature of the Fridge. Some people change the temperature in Summer and Winter. But still, they never know what temperature we should keep for the Fridge. The Fridge temperature depends on what food you are holding in the Fridge and what compartment of the Fridge you are using.


What Temperature Should my Fridge Be

If you are keeping fresh vegetables, then temperature 0°C to 5°C is okay. Remember, this temperature is for the fridge compartment. Suppose you have some food which needs less temperature. Then go for the chiller and make sure to have a temperature of 0°C. Please don’t go to less than 0°C as it is a freezing point. If you want to keep something that you expect to freeze. Then use the freezer and set the temperature to -15°C.

Going below this range of freezer is also okay. But make sure you are not going more below like -20°C. It can be harmful to the food. Also, look for the food package at what temperature it says to freeze.

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Fridge Temperature Australia

The Australian Standard temperature for the Fridge to keep fresh food is 3°C. There is the standard temperature and it is also followed by the packed food.

Should We change Fridge Temperature in Summer and Winter?

I know you all have this same question: should we change the temperature of the Fridge in different weather. Well, the answer is yes and no. It depends on some food, but if you keep like fresh vegetables, then the standard temperature is okay to store the food.

In summer we are concern about the weather, for example. If you bought a vegetable and keep that inside Fridge for less time, it will not get cool because it will take time to cool it down. In that specific case, several restaurants reduce the temperature to cool the food quickly.

The commercial Fridge comes with a self-control temperature. They keep a record of the temperature outside and then automatically adjust the temperature of the Fridge inside.

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How Fridge Temperature help in Keeping your Food fresh and Bacteria Free

The temperature of the Fridge plays an important role in keeping your food fresh. You can yourself keep your food outside and in the Fridge, and you see the difference. Fridge temperature stops the growth of any harmful bacteria and stops other kinds of things.

If you are keeping the Salad, you can directly use the Salad bar fridge or set up the correct temperature. As it will keep the Salad fresh at 3°C.


The lower temperature in the Fridge keeps away the bacteria and other types of fungus. In addition, it reduces the growth of bacteria. So make sure to keep your food in a controlled cool temperature of the Fridge. This temperature also kills any other external bacteria at a cool temperature. As the majority of bacteria even die at cool temperatures and keep the food fresh.

Note: It will not stop or remove bacteria. It only reduces the growth.

Selecting the Fridge for Food

It’s not like you can keep anything in your Fridge. For example, there is some food which needs more cool temperature. So if you keep that type of food in the Fridge, it can be harmful to the food. In the same case, if you keep vegetables in the freezer. Then it will also have a negative effect. So make sure to select between Fridge, freezer and chiller.


Well, if you are still wondering, What Temperature Should my Fridge Be? Then it depends upon the food you keeping. But make sure to follow the country standard and also look for the temperature shown at the back of packed food items. Your food will be fresh if you follow the correct temperature.