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Bench Top Fridge

Bench Top Fridge serves the purpose of cold storage of products. It is ideally used in retail industries and also in our day-to-day life as well. This product comes with a stylish and compact design that enhancing your overall fridge display in your space. It is mainly used in the storage of skincare, bakery products, breast milk, drinks, and snacks. It comes with adjustable temperature control to ensure the right temperature for the freshness of the product. It has a built-in compressor to recycle the humid air for efficient cold storage. This product is also environment-friendly.

Bench Top Display Fridge

Bench Top Display Fridge is mainly designed for the retail industries to showcase their products in a presentable and eye-catchy manner to the customers. This product comes with the purpose of keeping and displaying chilled foods and also heated products. It is ideal for storing and presenting meat-based ingredients, salads, chocolates, pastries, pies, sausages, chicken, beef, and soups. This product comes with a temperature controller and has sufficient space to store the products with proper shelves for organization. It is also energy efficient so, it won’t trouble your pocket.