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Commercial Fridge

Commercial fridge is the product which will match with your business needs. When we are into catering/restaurant business we offer multiple cuisine options to our customers but the only problem we deal is with the storage and freshness of the ingredients. Commercial fridge is the solution to all your problems, this freeze will keep all the ingredients at right temperature without loosing it’s freshness.

Commercial fridges is designed in a way that fits your demand. It offers the good space to manage your ingredients. Commercial fridge best feature is the temperature control. If you have a busy kitchen and frequently uses the fridge then also Commercial fridge controls the right temperature and keeps the ingredients fresh. Commercial fridge are specially designed for industrial use. Commercial fridge offers wide range that fits with your requirement.

Large Commercial Fridge for Sales

Freeze Edge is delivering all large commercial fridge to all of the Australia. We are shipping to almost every city of Australia from Sydney to Albury. You can select any fridge depending upon your requirement from two to three door large fridge. It has the capacity of over 1500 litre and you can set the temperature from 2 to 5°C.

Small Commercial Fridge

We have all types of small commercial fridge which you can use in your hospitality industry, kitchen, hotels or even home. You can use these commercial fridge on storing all type of food variety. You can chose single door fridge depending upon your requirement. We have several commercial fridge with less storage capacity.