How Many Watts does a Fridge Use – Check Electricity Consumption

Today I will tell you, how many watts does a fridge use. You can check the electricity consumption of your fridge. I will share details about several types of fridge ampere consumption.

Fridges, one of the prime appliances in any household, have made our lives much more convenient than before in cooling and keeping food fresh. But, this convenience sometimes hits hard when heavy electricity bills upset our pockets. Here, we are going to discuss how many watts does a fridge use. Then, we would also head upon the ways to cut down the bill cost, thus making the fridge more energy efficient.


How Many Watts Does a Fridge Use

Talking about the average watts consumed by a fridge, it is 350-750 watts. Each fridge comes with variable power consumption, whether it is a commercial freezer, a commercial fridge, a salad bar fridge, a cake display fridge, etc. There are many aspects which are needed to be considered to calculate the watts a fridge uses.

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Highlighting these aspects, the power consumption of a fridge depends mainly upon the kind of fridge we owe, how big it is, its life so far, the surrounding temperature of the fridge area, the temperature of the fridge, the compressor type, etc.

How to Calculate the Watts used by my Fridge

To calculate how many watts does a fridge use, you can go through this simple formula i.e. volts x amps = watts. You can find the values of the volts and amps used by the fridge in the stickers inside the fridge. Their units may be mentioned as amps for Amps and VAC(Volts Alternating Current) for volts.

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For example: Let us consider the fridge has 110 VAC and 6 amps. Then, the watts consumed by the fridge are 110 VAC X 6 amps = 660 watts. This certainly defines that the power consumption of this fridge is somewhere high, which could burden your pocket.

Why are Energy-Efficient Fridges more Preferred

The new fridges with energy-star certified available in the market are much more energy-efficient than the traditional fridges. It can save up to 9 times your energy than consumed by earlier models. These fridges consume up to 200 watts. That’s why Australians are inclined more towards lower power consumption fridges. Mini Fridges are one of the most preferred energy-efficient fridges among these people.

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How Many Watts Does a Mini Fridge Use

Watts a mini-fridge use somewhere range mainly between 80 to 100 watts. Some mini-fridges say Bench Top freezer,  may exceed up to 200 watts. However, there is no particular value for it. Watts usage of a mini-fridge depends upon the cooling capacity and the manufacturer. With advanced technologies, Mini-fridges help maintains fresh and chilled food products in less time with less power consumption than the big and old-fashioned fridges.

So, you can use mini-fridges about one-third of the day, say about 7-8 hrs a day, to do the same work as done by big fridges taking the whole day. It includes Under Bench Fridge, Bench Top Fridge, etc. As a result, this is one of the best alternatives to higher power consumption fridges available in the markets.

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How to Make a Mini-Fridge More Energy-Efficient

To further reduce the watts absorbed by the mini-fridge, you can place the mini-fridge in the open area and not in a closed-compact area. Also, try to keep the fridge at a distance from heating appliances and the window where sun rays probably shine in.

How many Amps does a Fridge Use

In Australian households, the average amps a fridge use range between 15 to 20 amps. Moreover, there is a very convenient equation to get the amps consumed by your particular fridge. You need to divide the total watts consumed by your fridge by the voltage supply i.e. Amp = Watts/ Voltage. The standard voltage supply in Australia is 220V.

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How to Reduce the Power Consumption of the Fridge

Earlier, we talked about how many watts does a fridge use. Now, we will be heading towards the ways to optimize the power usage of the fridge, thus making it more energy-efficient and decreasing the cost of its energy bill. Along with proper maintenance of the fridge, follow these easy habits to do so.

  1. Do not keep the fridge door open for a longer time: The primary habit to minimize the power consumption of the fridge is to keep the fridge door close as soon as you put or take out the required food product from the fridge. Never leave it open, even for a while. Now, you have got to know why your mother scolds you when you keep the door open for more than a few seconds.
  2. Make sure to clean the coils of the fridge: Coils, clogged with dust particles, give stress to the condenser. It overall impacts the power usage of the fridge, and so, more energy is consumed. Hence, it is advised to maintain the coils clean.
  3. Have the standard temperature: Make sure to set the fridge to the standard temperature to maintain proper cooling and less power wastage. If the fridge temperature is set high, then it might increase the power consumption to the next level.
  4. Check the Gaskets: If the cold air is getting out of the fridge, then the watts used by the fridge would probably rise. This happens due to the gaskets. Make sure to check the gaskets and replace them if necessary.


In this article, we have come across how many watts does a fridge use, a mini-fridge use, and ways to calculate the watts used by the fridge. We have also discussed the methods to decrease the power consumption of the fridge. It can be concluded that there are no certain values regarding how many watts a fridge uses.

It depends on the highlighted factors above, which makes it differ from one person’s bill to another. Mainly commercial fridges such as commercial meat marinator, commercial dishwasher, etc consume more watts. Follow these instructions to control your fridge’s power consumption and lower the burden on your pocket.