How to Fix a Fridge Door That has Dropped

You can fix a fridge door that has dropped or loose. I have shared four steps to fix the dropped door of the fridge easily. You can fix a household or commercial fridge or commercial freezer dropped door by using the following method.

A fridge is an important appliance in a household. The fridge has not only made our lives convenient in storing food but also helps in maintaining fresh and chilled items. However, some issues may happen with the appliance, which could occur gradually with time. Let us discuss the procedure to fix a fridge door that has dropped.

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How to Fix a Fridge Door That has Dropped

A fridge usually weighs about 250 pounds on average. It can weigh even more while storing the food products inside it. The fridges used in the retail industry such as Under Bench Fridge, Bench Top Fridge, Bench Top Freezer, etc. generally weigh more than household fridges. This may break the fridge if not appropriately handled.

The fridge door could fall if you hit the door against a hard surface while opening it or you probably have open the door with too much force. Such types of incidents often happen in a retail shop while dealing with lots of customers and mistakenly you may hit your Cake Display Fridge, Salad Bar Fridge, Commercial Meat Marinator, or Commercial Dishwasher.

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This could subsequently break the hinge of the fridge door. Your fridge door had dropped due to anyone such reason. But, we have come for you with the easy and convenient steps to deal with it. You can fix it by yourself by paying attention to each step properly.

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Step 1. Unplug the fridge

When the fridge door gets dropped, first of all, unplug the fridge to reduce the wastage of energy of the fridge. This will not put shear on the fridge compressor. It will also ensure to prevent electrocution. If the power supply is not cut down, then the cold airflow will get out of the fridge due to the broken fridge door. It will put pressure on the fridge compressor to keep the fridge cool.

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Step 2. Take out the food products

After you have unplugged the fridge, take out all the food products stored in the fridge and store them in another fridge or a cooler for a while. Also, it is good to clean the interior of the fridge. It will prevent further malfunctioning of the fridge like dust and dirt gets surrounded on the fridge fan which obstructs cooling of the fridge.

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Step 3. Check the fridge door hinge

If the hinge of the fridge is in good condition and has only got loosen up, then you just need to screw it tightly so that it doesn’t fall again. On the other hand, if you found the fridge door hinge to be broken, you need to replace it with a new one.

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Step 4. Fix the fridge door

To fix a fridge door that has dropped, you have to get a new hinge to fix the fridge door if the old hinge of the fridge cannot get fixed. All you need is to unscrew the previous hinge first using the right equipment. You will find a plastic spacer below the hinge, which is provided to divide the hinge and the fridge. When you remove the hinge, you will see white grease in that area.

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This will be useful for the new hinge as it ensures a smooth opening of the fridge door. Make sure to place the new hinge at the appropriate position and also check the alignment of the fridge door when the hinge is screwed tightly so that no leakage of the cold airflow from the fridge, difficulty in closing the door, or dropping of the fridge door is encountered.

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Sometimes, you can easily fix issues by yourself only. This way you could also save your hard-earned money. For example, we have highlighted the simple methods to fix a fridge door that has dropped without much arduous. After fixing the fridge door, make sure that the door is opening and closing properly without falling.

Also, note that you do not immediately fill your fridge with food products after plugging in. Let it cool for a while, and when it is good to go, you can store the food products. If the problem persists, consult a technician at the earliest.